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Marrs Green – The World’s Favourite Colour

Article written for Neilson Design News Page

In a press release from G. F. Smith we discover the World’s favourite colour. Marrs Green, named after Annie Marrs.

G.F. Smith ran an online survey that spanned over 100 countries worldwide.

People were asked to vote for most loved colour. With the global reach of the Internet, surveys were taken by varied cultures and continents, national borders and language barriers no longer defined the limitations of a survey, age brackets and social categories also contribute to the success of this survey. The project was one of the most ambitious and wide ranging investigations into colour preference ever conducted.

So what is your favourite colour?

Any child can answer this question in a heart beat. Adults tend to ponder the question for a little longer. Is this due to the impact of  society and advertising? Or the loss of innocence that comes with age?

Some of us never think much upon the question of our favourite colour with fashion and decorating industries making many of the decisions for us. However your favourite colour is always in the background guiding your choices without even being noticed.

Colour is very powerful indeed. It can influence our moods, decisions and the way in which we react to the world around us. Psychologists love to use colour as a tool to understanding the human race.

Colorplan – who have adopted the Marrs Green and added this magnificent colour to their paper range (now available for selection for your next print) talk about the changes in colour of paper throughout the last 80 years.

These colours capture the spirit of the age. With ‘Smoke’, ‘China White’ and ‘Bagdad Brown’ of the inter war years to bold and bright pops of ‘Vermillion’ and ‘Mandarin’ as TV sets exploded into colour in the 1960’s, followed by the muted tones of ‘Mist’ and ‘Stone’ as the 1970’s backlash against 1960’s psychedelia placed more emphasis on the natural environment. (G.F. Smith 2017)

We are now in a different time again with the introduction of the Internet and global reach being able to obtain more accurate World Wide Polls. So what is the colour for the Digital age? The survey reveals Marrs Green. Selected from the selection closest to the average of the Overall favourite.

This, the 51st colour now added to the Colorplan range of papers, is available to all designers, brands and individuals.

Reference: PR – G F Smith Paper City and Worlds Favourite Colour.

Ask Neilson Design about using Marrs Green or your companies corporate colour, or about creating your own unique coloured stock.